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Route to the IRM in the Villa Borg (Saarland, Germany)

Archaeological Park Roman Villa Borg
Im Meeswald 1
D - 66706 Perl-Borg

Route details:

Starting at the Autobahn exit 3 (Perl-Borg) you head uphill to the village Borg.
Do not take the first road right to the village Borg, but the last one.
In the village take a sharp left turn, then go fo a couple of hundred meters on a country road until you can turn right.
The parking area of the Villa Borg is located at the end of this road.

Public transport - bus & train

Public tranport is the big problem of the Villa Borg: Three options of bus transfer from the Deutsche Bahn-station MERZIG (Saar) to stops more or less close to the Villa Borg site are offered regularly on saturdays. Return would be possible saturday afternoon or evening.

Bus line Deutsche Bahn-station MERZIG (Saar) to Orscholz or Junction (Abzweigung) Borg on Saturday 23.04.2016:

Linie 155Departure Bf Merzig 7:32Arrival Ortsmitte Oberleuken 8:03
Linie 210Departure Bf Merzig 9:55 Arrival Abzw. Borg 10:27
Linie 207Departure Bf Merzig 10:40 Arrival Oberleuken Keßlinger Str. 11:28
Linie 210Departure Bf Merzig 11:25 Arrival Abzw. Borg 12:02
Linie 155Departure Bf Merzig 12:32Arrival Ortsmitte Orscholz 13:03

Pedestrians follown the signs leading to the Villa Borg (approximately 15 min walk from Oberleuken, 25 min from Abzw. Borg) or refer to the plan below.

Bus line Oberleuken to Deutsche Bahn station MERZIG (Saar) to on Saturday 23.04.2016:

Linie 155Departure Ortsmitte Oberleuken 15:15Arrival Bf Merzig 15:46
Linie 210Departure Ortsmitte Oberleuken 19:15Arrival Bf Merzig 19:46

But getting to or leaving the Villa Borg on sunday is more or less impossible, there is simply no public transport!

To solve this problem, we plan to offer lifts for IRM2015 visitors to/from the Deutsche Bahn-station METTLACH . We need to ask for request by email to not later than Friday, 22. Apr 2016. Spontaneous organisation will not be possible!

Suggested lift-departures:

Saturday 23. Apr 2016Departure Villa Borg ca. 17:00Arrival Bf Mettlach ca. 17:20
Sunday 24. Apr 2016Departure Bf Mettlach ca. 11:00Arrival Villa Borg ca. 11:20
Sunday 24. Apr 2016Departure Villa Borg ca. 17:00Arrival Bf Mettlach ca. 17:20



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