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Application for participation in the IRM2020 at the RömerWelt Museum



No need to apply if you plan to visit the Internationale Reenactmentmesse / International Reenactmentmarket IRM2020.

You are very welcome to visit the RömerWelt Museum and the IRM on the IRM-weekend (April 25th + 26th, 2020)!


Participants / traders needed to apply for the Internationale Reenactmentmesse / International Reenactmentmarket via email to or via the postal way to the RömerWelt.

Application for the IRM2020 has ended on March 1rst.

Application for the forthcoming IRM2021 will run from January 10th until March 1rst, 2021.


Please use one of these forms for your application:

Word-Document (Windows): Download IRM2021-Application.doc (available from January 10th until March 1rst, 2021)
PDF-Document: Download IRM2021-Application.pdf (available from January 10th until March 1rst, 2021)
Some more information about the IRM is available in this letter of application
PDF-Document: Download IRM2021-Letter-Application.pdf (available from January 10th until March 1rst, 2021)
Please send your application to:
via eMail:

via post / mail:

Arienheller 1
56598 Rheinbrohl
Deutschland / Germany / Allemagne / Duitsland

Details such as range of presented goods or services, contact details, website etc. should be given in the application form linked above. Also use this opportunity to tell us, where you like to have your display / presentation of which dimension a. In case of download problems, please conact us by email so that we can send the aplliance form to you directy. Please fill out the form asap and return it via email or the postal way. You may add pictures illustrating your presentation.

Based upon the appliance form you will receive an eMail (approximately in the middle of March) stating the location of your display / presentation at the IRM.

Your exact participation fee will be stated in an eMail following your application and is due to be paid in cash on Saturday April 25th, 2020 on the site.

All applications are vaild when listed in the list of participants in the IRM2020.

IRM2020 fees:

presentation gallery (outside) 20 € / m front length of presentation
presentation inside one of the big tents 30 € / m front length of presentation
presentation outside area (open) 15 € / m front length of presentation
energy (220V) 10 € / presentation



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