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Program of the IRM2011 - the BBQ on saturday evening


Many events have shown that the selfmade program after the museum's opening hours are a significant element for the re-enactors. This is why the IRM will like to invite not only its participants, but also the visitors of the IRM and the lecture to end the day with a nice little barbecue, some beer and a lot of conversation - all in the marvellous ambience of the Villa Borg.

This "re-enactment-season-start-barbecue" will be a self-supported part of the event. Barbecues are available for everyone and will be on heat after saturday evening's lecture. Self-supplied goods can then be grilled, but some sausages and meat will be available (at small cost in profit of the Villa Borg supporting club) for visitors who spontaneously stick around.

Because the webplatform "" is celebrating its 10th anniversary, a couple of beer barrels will roll towards the Villa Borg. Fittingly to saturday's lecture on the Roman glass reproductions made by the Ichendorfer Glashuette near Cologne, this evening's beer will come from Cologne: Barrel-fresh Muehlen Koelsch will be freshly draught!

If you like to have an overnight-stay: Some camping accommodations are available upon request.

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