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Program of the IRM2011 - Premiere presentations


Although the IRM will take place for the first time, a couple of "first-time-ever-presentations" will be displayed on the IRM2011.

Since the IRM itself is not too big, these premieres will be ony presented separately on this website. During the IRM2011, these pieces will be displayed at the individual stands.

Small things first:

Simon Empt (FRISIUS-F) will present his hammer-forged Roman hobnails!

Now one of the main problems of craftsmen working on Roman shoe reproductions can be solved! Simon Empt kept close to the Roman originals, which is clearly visible on his hobnails: You simply can not get closer to the originals!

We are quite curious about the reactions of the several shoemakers involved in the IRM...

Some heavy and some colourful things:

Markus Gruner (artaes - Bronzeobjekte) shows re-casts of Roman heavyweight money.

Cast of a Roman republic Semis dating into 3rd century BC (half As), 51mm diameter, after a genuine Roman heavyweight money (Aes Grave) from the Muenzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen Berlin.

A very nice local context shows the first presentation of the reproduction of an enamelled Roman peacock fibula, dating into 2nd cantura AD, which was found during excavations on the Roman Villa Borg site.

Original on the left and reproduction on the right (with friendly permission of Mrs. Dr. B. Birkenhagen

Now the long ones:

We are very curious about the reconstructions of scythian and boeotian bows by Michael Kieweg (Eifelpfeil).

In addition to his interest in modern bowmaking and reconstructing wooden longbows, some time ago Michael Kieweg also discovered his interest in reconstructing hornbows of pre-Christian times. They are made of a composite constisting of wood, horn and sinew. A construction, which demands a lot from the bowmaker.

For the first time ever, Michael Kieweg will present his hornbow reconstructions based of archeological finds to the visitors of the IRM2011.

There will be some fragile things:

The small barrel bottle - one new item in the product range of von

Just in time for the IRM2011, the ROMAN GLASSMAKERS Mark Taylor & David Hill from England have sent a big parcel to Germany including also some small Roman barrel bottles which will be on display on the IRM.

Some fabrics :

Fabrics with a special pattern caused by the spinning direction can be seen at Marled Mader's display (Zeitenhandel / Archaeotechnik textile Flaeche).

Those patterns are very common during iron age and are documenty by many finds, such as Bescheid, Bei den Huebeln, hill 6.

For this pattern threads of the same material, but drilled in different directions are used to make a pattern, which most of the times can only be noticed under certail light conditions. This explains, why fabrics employing this pattern are not machine made today, since the industrially made threads are only drilled in one direction. Therefore the threads for this technique must be made by hand spinning.

Last, but not least, we have some sharp presentations:

The Roman blacksmith Martin Becker will present some knives and blades, which have never been reproduced yet. A very decorative example of these items is this knife after a find from Neupotz, which features brass and bronze inlays in the blade.

... to be continued ...


(Details my be subject to change.)


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