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Program of the IRM2013 - Premiere presentations


The IRM is always a good opportunity to take a first glimpse at a couple of "first-time-ever-presentations".

Since the IRM itself is not too big, these premieres will be only presented separately on this website. During the IRM itself, these pieces will be displayed at the individual stands.

For the first time, the IRM2013 will host a special exhibtion!

This year's topic will be reconstructed Roman glass vessels made by the ROMAN GLASSMAKERS Mark Taylor & David Hill - "ZIRKUSBECHER UND RIPPENSCHALEN" (circus beakers and ribbed bowls).

See for details.
(German language only)

New at

Just in time for the IRM2013 did the Roemische Schmiede (Roman blacksmith) workshop finish this beautiful reconstruction of a Roman sword dating from 3 C AD, which Martin becker will present "live" for the first time on the IRM2013:

Unfortunately did not all of the pieces of this sword survive, so the reconstruction combines possible corresponding finds from the Zugmantel castellum, Heddernheim and ornamentic patterns from Vimose.

Also the display of the Roemische Schmiede will feature other blades, knifes and swords as well as tools of course.

Foto: Martin Becker

New at Archaeotechnik Crumbach:

Sylvia Crumbach will show this woolen tablet woven textile based upon a fragment of the Saint Ceasiere d´Arles relic complex:

Also the display of Archeotechnik Crumbach will feature other textiles.

Foto: Sylvia Crumbach

New at Grubenhaus - Understanding Archaeology:

The art of purple colouring.

Fabienne Meiers (Grubenhaus) will show woolen and silk fabrics coloured with real purple.

Foto: Fabienne Meiers

(Details my be subject to change.)


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