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Program of the IRM2013 - the Special Exhibition "ZIRKUSBECHER & RIPPENSCHALEN" (CIRCUS BEAKERS & RIBBED BOWLS)


This year's International Reenactment Market IRM2013 will also host a special exhibition which nicely corresponds with two of the IRM's main topics: Experimental archeology and reconstruction.

The exhibition

ROMAN GLASSMAKERS Mark Taylor & David Hill
work show 1989-2012

Roman glass vessels in the Villa Borg

displays with ca. 330 objects, models and posters different aspects of modern archaeology:

Finds from arcaeological excavations:

The exhibition displays several dozends glass vessel finds from the Villa Borg site, most of them are on display for the first time. Unfortunately all of them are fragmented due to the settlement conditions. Therefore, illustrations, reconstruction drawings or figural reconstructions are needed to visualize the initial shape of the vessels in Roman times. The glass reconstructions made by Mark Taylor & David Hill fulfil this task perfectly.


The exhibition shows how much work has to be done to investigate how Roman vessels looked like and how they could have been made.

Reconstructions of working techniques:

Apart from the "easy" way of producing glass vessels by blowing, many finds from Roman times were produced employing other techniques. The exhibition spotlights the reconstructed working techniques for so-called ribbed bowls as well as mould blown circus beakers and prismatic bottles.

Evolution of reconstruction:

Archeological reconstructions may be dynamic - sometimes theories and tools have to be reworked or even discarded. Mark Taylor's & David Hill's evolutionary process of reconstructing mould blown circus beakers within over 16 years is also part of the exhibition. Furthermore the comparision of some of Mark Taylor's very early vessels (starting as early as 1989) with his recent work illustrate this very own development as a glass artist.

Reconstructions of glass vessels:

Of course a lot of beautiful Roman glass replicas made by Mark Taylor & David Hill are on display in the Villa Borg showcases!

Experimental archaeology:

Due to the recent discovery of some indication for Roman glass vessel production on the Villa Borg site, the experiments initiated, influenced and carried out by Mark Taylor & David Hill are of special relevance for the Villa Borg Archeological Park. So there is a special focus on the Roman glass furnace projects which even features a cut-in-half model of a Roman glass furnace reconstruction which was build exculsively for this exhibition.


During each day of the IRM2013, the curator of this exhibition, Frank Wiesenberg, will offer two guided tours.




A comprehensive exhibition catalogue (192p; 9,90 EUR; German language only) is available at the Villa Borg museum's shop:



This special exhibition is provided by Dr. Bettina Birkenhagen (Villa Borg) and Frank Wiesenberg (

It was started in the beginning of February and will be on display until June 16th, 2013.


For further information on the exhibition please refer to the exhibition's website


Unlike stated in earlier advertisements, this special exhibition will presented to its full extent during the IRM2013 and not in a reduced form!

Each day of the IRM2013, free guided tours will be offered for IRM2013 visitors starting at 12:30 and 15:00!
The tour will be held by the curator of the exhibition, Frank Wiesenberg.

But since the exhibition is on display in the Villa Borg's entry hall, the media room will also be used for trader's displays and so the IRM2013's lectures are held in the Villa Borg's seminar room (upstairs; take the stairs in the large hall) and the Roman kitchen.



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